God’s Original Affordable Care Act


Day 36: LEVITICUS 14-15

Have you ever gone to the cash register with either a few items or a whole shopping cart full of items and realized that you have no money?  I’ve done it a few times, having left my debit card or cash at home.  It was pretty embarrassing everything.  I had to leave behind everything because I couldn’t afford it.  I have god news for you today.  You don’t ever have to feel like that when you come to God!

In the Law, He provided different levels of sacrifices for different economic levels.  He made the ability to have your sins covered and atoned for very affordable.  So much that even poor people could afford it!  People had to give something up to receive the covering of their sins because sin is debt.  When you rack up a credit card, you have to pay the bank back what you borrowed and spent.  Sin is a debt that we owe God and the only way to settle the debt is to pay it off.

I love how God back then showed how much He cared for the poor but notice they could only sacrifice something to cover their sins, not have their sins forgiven.  Why not?  Because the debt of sin is so big, no amount of sacrifice and proper behavior could’ve settle the debt.  That’s why Jesus came, died on the cross, and rose again to pay off the debt of the world.  Now, we still have to sacrifice something, just not animals.  We are to sacrifice our will, our right to call the shots in our lives, our pride, our weakness, and our shortcomings.  To be forgive, all we must do is believe and ask.  Rich and poor can both do this.  To God, they both have the same opportunity.  Treat others the same way, without favoritism.  It’s how God treats you.  And while you are at it, place your faith in JESUS and walk around with an extra jump in your step because of how accessible He has made Himself to you and all people equally!  But don’t forget, it’s as simple as believing and as costly as giving Him rule of your life.  It’s affordable and expensive at the same time, yet you will be taken care of by God Himself.  No waiting rooms.  You get instant access 24/7.  No deductible, because He paid it all!  Can’t you see?  He is good!  Too good!


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